Academic Support

Your academic experience is central to your time at university but it can sometimes be complicated to know where to go or who to ask and as such, we know it can sometimes be stressful. Our Advice Service are here to help you, providing free, confidential and independent consultations to make sure you are always informed and feel supported.

Changes to your studies

Are you thinking of making changes to your studies? We're here to help you during this process. Visit the pages below to find information about changing your course, transferring to another university, interrupting your studies, or withdrawing from your studies.

Change of course

What to do if you are concerned that you are not on the right course.

Change of university

Thinking that Exeter is not be for you and considering a different University.


Thinking of making a change such as going from full to part-time

interruption undergraduate

Taking a break from your studies, with the intention to return

Interruption postgraduate taught

Taking a break from your studies, with the intention to return.

withdrawal undergraduate

Leaving University before you have graduated.

problems with your studies

Sometimes things may not go according to plan when it comes to your studies, and that's okay. On the pages below, you can find useful information about appealing marks, filing complaints, dealing with academic misconduct, and procedures for resits and deferrals.

Academic appeals

How to challenge a mark or decision and appeal the outcome.

academic conduct

Help and advice if your work or exam has been flagged for misconduct.

academic complaints

How to raise up your concern if you are unhappy with an element of your study or experience at Exeter.

fitness to practice procedures

Students undertaking a professional qualification where there are concerns.

resits and deferrals

Re-doing an exam that you have not passed or sitting one you have deferred.