As a student, there are lots of discounts you may be eligible for. These can be a helpful way of reducing your spending.

Many discounts will be available just by showing your Exeter Uni ID card but there are extra schemes you can sign up for free too.


Unidays is free to sign up to and all students in college, university or sixth form are eligible. Unidays primarily provides discounts for non-essential online purchases like branded clothes, tech and meals out so be mindful not to overspend just because of a tempting discount. You can register here for Unidays.

Student Beans

Very similar to Unidays Student Beans is free to register for and provides discounts primarily for online purchases. You can register for Student Beans here.

Totum card

A Totum card is the new name for an NUS extra card. You have to pay to purchase the card, but it does provide a variety of discounts and will often be accepted as student ID in shops and restaurants if you do not have your Student ID handy. A 1-year card costs £14.99, a 2-year card is £24.99  or a 3-year card is £34.99. You can purchase a Totum card here


If you travel by train regularly or need to take long train journeys to visit home you may benefit from purchasing a railcard. There are a variety of railcards for different age groups, but they will give you up to 1/3 off the cost of any train tickets. Generally,  1-year railcard will cost £30 or £70 for 3 years but you may be able to get a cheaper railcard during sale periods. You can find more information about Railcards and how to buy one here.

You can also save on train tickets by using split tickets. A split ticket means you break a longer journey into several smaller journey tickets, this can often be cheaper than buying a single ticket to cover the full journey. There are a number of different websites that help you search for split tickets so it always worth checking if you can save before you book.

Just be mindful there will sometimes be conditions on split tickets such as which route you follow or which stations your train stops at so make sure you are happy with the journey itinerary before you commit.

Student bus passes

If you travel by bus frequently for attending classes or getting to your part time job you may want to invest in a bus pass from a local bus provider. Most buses in Exeter are run by Stagecoach. However, at the cheapest, a student bus pass is £219 for one term so think carefully about if you travel enough by bus to make this worth it for you. You can find details of all the student bus passes offered by Stagecoach here.

Supermarket loyalty cards

Depending on where you do your food shopping you may be able save extra money with a loyalty card. Loyalty cards are usually free and can give you access to cheaper prices in shops or you can build up points to spend in the shop. You can find a full breakdown of different loyalty cards available here.