Your Student Priorities
Exeter students

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

Continuation and expansion of our exam de-stress programme

Better promotion and signposting to existing wellbeing services: who to go to and how to access them

Work with the University to improve the current approach to mitigation by introducing quicker response times

Increase in Guild-led wellness-based activities e.g., therapy dogs

Improve health & wellbeing provisions on campus alongside the University, including enhancing access to health services on campus

Exeter students sitting in a row

Delivering more career focused events, including careers fairs and employer talks

Review the Guild’s approach to student staff with the goal to create more paid opportunities

Better signposting of existing career services and opportunities

Networking events for students to meet part-time employers in Exeter

Ensure a range of paid roles are available that are accessible to all students

Job ProspectsThe Exeter Students' Guild Full-Time Officers 2023-24

More networking opportunities for students and staff for communities throughout the year to meet other students

Support settling in of international students through promoting and collaborating with the existing buddy scheme

A dedicated programme of events and activities aimed at PGR and St Luke’s students

Supporting the delivery of cultural celebrations and student-led cultural events across campuses

Build inclusivity into everything the Guild does, through student consultation, staff training and review of current barriers to engagement

Equality, Diversity & InclusionInternational Students at Exeter

Better promotion of existing financial support and how students can access it

Increase freebies and giveaways throughout the year

Tailored financial guidance for students

Introduction of a ‘student exchange’ for students to swap and pick up free household items, clothing, sports kit etc

Introduce a Campus Food cupboard for students to pick up free essentials

Scope developing a free transport scheme to low cost supermarkets and key locations in Exeter

Work towards a campaign to push for regulated rental costs in Exeter

Living CostsExeter students and a row of houses

Share information about the existing student communities at Exeter and how to get involved

Greater advocacy for student housing rights

Ensure consistency with the offering of free period products across toilets on all campuses

Develop our campaigns hub to provide students with information and support on campaigning and activism

Greater support for students to launch campaigns on issues that matter to them

Campaigns, Initiatives & ActivismExeter students engaging in activism

Increase of free and low-cost events across campus with input from students to ensure the events are relevant and desirable to attend

Working with societies to review membership prices, event delivery and increasing the frequency of non-alcohol events.

Incorporate free food and refreshments into all events and activities where possible

Greater promotion of arts-based events and activities to provide creative experiences and opportunities for students

Better promotion of upcoming events and activities

Events and ActivitiesExeter students taking part in activities