Advertising at the Guild

We don't currently offer advertising for external agencies/businesses/events at the moment as we reserve advertising space for students and University initiatives.

If you want to discuss this further please email
For other opportunities, such as physical advertising on campus, you may wish to contact the University directly at Contact | Event Exeter.

Are you a student/society wanting to advertise?

We have a few different ways you can promote your event, society, or opportunity to fellow students. Please note, that during busy times we may not be able to facilitate your request but will always do our best!

Digital screens - Our digital screens can be found throughout Devonshire house and are a great way to promote your society or event. Digital screens must be 1920 x 1080 in dimension.


  • Less text the better - screens are only up for around 10 seconds
  • Feature only important information- e.g. time, date, location
  • Include a QR code for tickets/more information
  • Don't forget your society or group logo
  • Use photos/colours/graphics where possible
  • Popular programmes you could use- PowerPoint, Canva, Adobe Express

Please email digital screens to with the duration of time you want it displayed e.g. 8 - 10 May.

Posters - Posters are permitted to be put up in Devonshire House but only on the noticeboards. Any posters found elsewhere will be removed.

Social Media - we have very limited capacity for advertising on social media, but please always tag us in your stories/posts as we will re-share when we can (plus we love to see the great things students are up to!).