Child Care Costs

Most students can expect to get help with childcare costs through a Student Finance England (SFE) Child Care Grant but, as this is means-tested, not everyone is eligible.

SFE operate the Childcare Grant as follows:

·      The Childcare Grant is worked out as an annual maximum amount (which is means tested) and this is paid to a third party - the Child Care Grant Payment Service (CCGPS).

·      Childcare Providers will have to bill the CCGPS for the full amount either on a weekly basis or for multiple weeks at a time (i.e. once a month). We advise you check with your provider to ask how they will choose to do this. This bill is then presented to the student for approval.

·      It will be split into 85% (subject to a weekly cap) which the CCGPS will pay out of your Childcare Grant and 15% (plus any amount above the weekly cap) that you will have to pay yourself.

·      Any left-over money at the end of the year will be paid back to Student Finance England – not to the student or to the childcare provider.

You can get up to 85% of your childcare costs paid.

The amount you’ll get depends on:

·      your household income

·      the cost of your childcare

·      the number of children who are dependent on you

If your household income exceeds £20,000 per annum, it is unlikely you will be eligible for SFE Childcare Grants, and a proportional reduction will be applied to all household income above £9,500 per annum.

Further Details regarding Childcare Grant can be found here.

To find our more information about the childcare grant and other childcare support you may be eligible you can find advice from Turn2us or Citizens Advice.