Which PBSA is for you?

Welcome to our Guide of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSAs) in Exeter!

There are private halls of residence all over the city. We know it can be so difficult to choose where to live after your first year, and it can be tempting to sign a contract on the first place you find.

We always suggest that you look at a few options and consider the things in our guide before you sign into any contract- think before you sign!

This guide has lots of information on lots of different things, but it’s worth using these for a more general idea as things like price are subject to change. (We wrote this at the end of 2023 and will update it yearly). Or you can use a blank copy to create your own guide.

The ‘student likes and dislikes’ column are taken from students we work with, friends of the officers, or comments from an Instagram post where we asked people about the good and bad things about their accommodation. We have tried not to change the wording so that you get more of a sense of what it's really like to live there! If there's no negatives or positives written, it doesn't mean there aren't any- we just haven't heard back from any students about these accommodations. If you live in one of them or have friends who do- please let us know your feedback and we'll add it in (email pip.shaw@exeterguild.com). House hunting can be really difficult, but it is even more difficult to back out of a contract. Make sure you’re really sure before you sign!