Society Annual Elections

The window for 2024/25 Society Annual Elections is now open!

Society Annual Elections are the process by which our student groups elect new committee members, who will take the groups forward into the next academic year. Almost every student society must hold an election during this period, in order to allow their members to decide who will be on their 2024/25 committee.

This year, elections will take place from Monday 4 March to Friday 7 July 2024. Any relevant groups that do not run an election during this period will be at risk of becoming inactive.

All society elections this year are taking place online via the Guild website. For detailed information explaining how this will work, please refer to the announcement on the Student Leaders Portal ‘2024/25 Society Annual Elections’.

If you have any questions at all about society annual elections not answered by the announcement, or any of the Knowledge Base articles about society elections, feel free to email us at, and we will be happy to help.