About Move Smart

Finding somewhere to live whilst at University is an important experience, from moving into or out of halls, finding like-minded housemates, and getting the contract signed and sealed. However, not everyone has a good time undertaking this task and problems can arise throughout the year. That is why the University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild are combining to launch the Move Smart campaign.

This campaign will support you from your first year to your last, helping you to stay safe, live happy and study well. We know that your wellbeing starts with where you live and we are here to help make Exeter your new home.


Our campaign aims are;

  • To provide you with the knowledge, support, and opportunities to find the right accommodation and housemates for you.
  • To empower you with the knowledge of your legal rights as a tenant and to support you in case of disputes.
  • To work to improve the quality and affordability of accommodation on offer for students.

The campaign is here to raise awareness of all elements of housing that students need to look out for. We have lots of information to advise and support students, however these resources are often only utilised once an issue or problem has occurred; which is too late. We need to break this cycle and ensure students are well informed and educated from start to finish of their housing journey to minimise problems and conflict in the future.

The campaign will deliver a range of events, information, and opportunities for students to get involved with to support your whole journey from finding housemates to moving out of your accommodation.


The first part of our Move Smart campaign is called Take your Time to Sign, and we mean it. The housing market in Exeter has all types of student accommodation, from agents representing many landlords, individual landlords, and purpose-built student accommodation. Understandably, they want as many students to sign up for housing as early as possible, guaranteeing them rental income for the following year. This can mean that students feel pressured to sign contracts for housing that are not right for them, so we are urging you to TAKE YOUR TIME TO SIGN.

  • What is the big deal anyway?
    We hear you asking that question, you have made some friends, you’ve heard of a great place from some third years and you have a deposit ready, so why should you wait?
  • Heroes and Horror Stories
    Let’s hear about some of those Housing Heroes who have really made a difference to some students University experiences!
  • Jargonbuster
    Always read the small print! Of course, a rental contract is not the most riveting of reads but it's important to know what you are signing.
  • Mythbuster
    Hear from other student’s themselves, bust open those myths and set the record straight!
  • Funniest Stories
    Read some student's funniest stories about their weirdest housing experiences.