Contract Check


Finding your accommodation and signing a legally binding document can seem like a scary prospect, but a contract is there to protect both parties and can help to ensure that you know what is expected of you and the landlord.

You may have heard stories about rogue landlords or agents but luckily, they are in the minority and most of our students rent without any problems. If you do come across problems, there is legislation to protect you and ensure you have a good renting experience.

We strongly encourage you to read through the contract yourselves, familiarise yourself with the key points and raise anything you are unsure of directly with the landlord or estate agent. If they are not happy to answer your questions it could be an indicator that they may be less helpful if you had problems later on.

Can you check over my contract for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an individual contract checking service this year. We have created a Contract checking Guide to help you know what to expect in your contract and what your responsibilities are.

If you not feeling confident as this is your first experience of private renting or something in the contract is making you feel uneasy, you may wish to get a solicitor to look over this or a parent/family friend with experience.

The University Law department are running a tenancy referral using 3rd year students overseen by solicitors that you can contact if you would like your contract reviewed please email

They have a short video on Tenancy contracts that may be useful.

Although we are unable to check contracts, if you have specific questions about something in the contract you are welcome to email or submit an enquiry.