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You are Exeter Students' Guild. We are here to here to help you love Exeter! Get involved today

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You are Exeter Students' Guild. We are here to help you love Exeter!

News and Updates

Climate Justice Workshops

Sign up for Climate Justice workshops running this summer.

Results and Appeals

Receiving your results can come with all kinds of emotions, we're here to support you.

Give it a Go!

Hear about one of the recent Give it a Go trips to Dart's Farm

Teaching Awards 2022- Winners

We’re delighted to share with you the winners of the Teaching Awards 2022.

News and Updates

Muslim student experience - wins!

Recently members of our Student Voice team met with our Islamic Society...

Referred/Deferred exam tips

We’ve created a list of tips to get you through assessment season.

Goodbye from Bella!

I can’t believe my time as your Vice President Education has come to an end…
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Concert Band

6th July
7pm - 11:30pm
Summer Formal


5th August
8pm - 11:30pm
Legally Blonde Launch Night


21st August
until 29th August midnight
Edinburgh fringe festival

LGBTQ+ and Law Society

2nd September
6:30pm - 8pm
Crafting Night with Residence Life