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What is an Academic Rep?

Your uni experience is what you make it, but could you make it better for everyone? Becoming an Academic Rep gives you the opportunity to make a positive difference by representing your course mates.  

As a rep you will work with your department to make positive changes on many different things ranging from supervision, teaching and assessment, to course administration, learning resources and personal career development.

We have over 600 fantastic students making sure that their academic community’s issues are heard, listened to, and acted upon.

Academic Reps

Interested in becoming a rep? Don’t worry – you won’t be doing this alone. You’ll be part of a team within your department and faculty, and you can always count on us to have your back!

If you love to chat to people about their experiences, bounce ideas around in a team, and get to the bottom of issues, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Not to mention – it looks great on your CV too! 

What are you waiting for? Find out more about how you can become an Academic Rep and make positive change.

Already a rep and looking for some help? Take a look at our resources and training.

Read the Academic Rep role description.

Department Officers

Department Officers make positive change to your student wellbeing, academic support, and opportunities for development and engagement. Up to three Officers are recruited for each department to improve the student experience for the undergraduate and postgraduate taught student communities! Get in touch with your Department Officers.

Read the Department Officer role description.

PGR Officers

PGR Officers are recruited to represent the postgraduate research community and improve research culture for PGR students. They make positive change to your student wellbeing, academic interests, and opportunities for development and engagement. Get in touch with your PGR Officers.

Read the PGR Officer role description.

University Staff

There are plenty of ways you can support Academic Reps. University staff are vital to closing the feedback loop with students. You can support the activities of Academic Reps through giving them opportunities to update students on their work, collect feedback and consult with staff. Find more information on how to support Academic Reps below: 

Browse the academic representation staff handbook.

Explore the academic representation toolkit.