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If you have a health condition or disability than has an impact on your ability to study then you may be eligible for an ILP.

What is an ILP?

  • An ILP is an individual learning plan.
  • If you have a disability or health condition which falls within the criteria of the Equality Act 2010 then this legislation states that reasonable adjustments must be put in place to ensure that any barriers that may prevent you from studying are minimised.  

How do I get an ILP?

If you think you are eligible then you will need to contact AccessAbility, you can set up an appointment and chat to one of the advisors.

I already have an ILP can I get it changed?

Yes, if you have had noticed a change or something in your ILP is no longer working then email the AccessAbility team at

What kind of adjustments can be made?

All reasonable adjustments are personal and individual to your needs. Some examples may be that you can get extensions/extra time, specific equipment, more contact time with tutors, early access to teach resources.


It can be normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with the work and often people find learning at University is a different style to what they are used to in school or college, or perhaps it has been a while since you have studied intensively.

If you are having specific issues with you course content then it is best to raise this as early as possible so that you don’t get overwhelmed and miss out on understanding you need to have first to build on more learning.

The first step would be to talk to the lecturer or your personal tutor to raise up these issues. They may be able to help explain things to you, reassure you and offer other resources that could help.

There is also the Study Zone and Peer Assisted Learning that could be of use to you.

If this is causing you worry and anxiety it may be helpful to check out the wellbeing resources. Sometimes additional worry can act like a block to learning and understanding while actually someone was doing fine.

It could also be helpful to talk to your college EWA (Education Welfare Advisor) or the AccessAbilty team if you need an ILP or further support.