Study Help


Study Zone is a brilliant resource to help with your studies. There is a range of support to help you get the most from your academic experience at Exeter and the warm and friendly staff will put you at your ease and help you gain confidence.

If you are finding academic processes difficult such as referring, managing your time, or how to plan a write essays then you may want to go and chat to the team in the Study Zone.

The study zone can offer 1:1, workshop and digital resources all around academic support.


Home students

Within the university there are a scheme’s in place to allow students in higher stages to support those that may have recently started University.

Peer Support gives you the opportunity to gain support and guidance in a relaxed, informal environment from higher year students who have been in the same position. This might mean that they can support with your studies, or the transition to university life. More information about peer mentors can be found here.

International students

If you are an international student, you can access Global Chums. Global Chums is a mentoring scheme designed to answer questions when you arrive, help you settle into campus life quickly, and provide you with some familiar faces around campus.

Moving to a new country to study might mean you have lots of questions, this scheme and help answer those (no matter how small!). Hopefully you will be able to become more comfortable and you will get the chance to meet some local students this is a crucial part of getting the most out of your studies at the University and enjoying the UK. Here are some of the other benefits of have a mentor:

  • Settle into University of Exeter life faster
  • Someone to answer your questions
  • Someone to introduce you to societies, clubs and sports
  • A great way to meet other students of all nationalities - Global Chums Mentoring