Housing: Useful info


Your rubbish, recycling or garden waste should be put out for collection at the designated collection point for your property in the correct bin. It should be out for collection no earlier than 6:00pm the evening before, and no later than 6:00am on collection days.

You can find out your collection days at When is my bin collected? or via your iexeter app.


Your landlord will have insurance for the property but this will not cover your contents. If you have valuables it is advisable to get your own to protect against theft, loss or damage of your personal possessions. We can not endorse any particular options but would advise that an internet search will provide you with a number of options to choose from.


You may already be registered with the Student Health Centre or you may wish to register with your local practice in the city.

Find your local GP

Find your local NHS Dentist


If you are living in the property on a joint tenancy you will only need one TV licence for the property even if you have TVs in your own rooms. However, if you have a separate tenancy agreement for your own room you will each need a TV licence for TVs in your own rooms. If however, you share a TV in communal room you only need the one licence for the property.

Get your license here.


Full time Students are not liable to pay council tax. Some properties are automatically exempt such as University accommodation.  

To count as a full student your course must last at least 1 year and involve at least 21 hours of study per week.  

Students should be able to print their own letters through the self service letter printing option available in your student record in iExeter.

You will be able to generate a council tax exemption letter, that should be acceptable for your local council, however if not you can contact SID to request support with this.

If you have a look at the link below you will see that you can print off a student status letter which you can use as evidence of council tax exemption, via your student record in iExeter.

Student status letters

Unfortunately part time students are not automatically exempt from council tax.

If your are living in a house with someone who is not a student they will need to pay.


The student community warden team are a great resource for living in the community. They provide information and guidance for students living and socialising off-campus, also information for permanent local residents who live alongside students and have an interest in the University's development.