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Alex Stanley

Alex Stanley
Alex Stanley

Tell us a bit about yourself, your role and your time at Exeter

Hi! I’m Alex and I’m your Education Officer for 2023/24. Before starting the role, I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics and in my spare time I was involved in politics through my role as the General Secretary of the Labour Society and as a NUS Rep.  

My role primarily consists of lobbying the University on education policy, whether that be mitigation, widening participation schemes, curriculum development- I could go on forever. I also work with our fantastic Department Officers and Academic Reps and am currently chairing a review looking into academic representation, so stay tuned!

Favourite spot in Exeter (or on campus)

It would have to be the Quay. There is so much to do, from pubs to restaurants to bowling to canoeing, and it is absolutely stunning in the summer!  

If you could recommend one thing the Students’ Guild offers for students to get involved in, what would it be?

Become an Academic Rep! It is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in making real change for your cohort, it looks great on your CV, and it's a brilliant chance to meet people on your course and beyond.  

Top study tip?

Take regular breaks. It is so important that you do not burn out when you study, and your wellbeing should always take priority over everything else. A little can go a long way when it comes to studying, so regular, short study sessions can be a great way to learn without it being too overwhelming.  

What’s one thing at uni you couldn’t live without?

6-a-side football!

What’s your perfect day in Exeter?

A trip to the pub with mates before heading off to St James’ Park to watch Exeter City play- it's only £10 with a Grecian Society membership!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to students?

Do not stress if you don’t find your friend group straight away- for a lot of you you’ll have at least three years to meet people from all walks of life, some of the best friends I made I didn't meet until my third year.  

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Meeting as many of you as possible- the whole point in our jobs is to represent you and bringing students into the change-making process is a priority for me.  

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Alex Stanley
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