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Mia Robillard - Day

Mia Robillard - Day
Mia Robillard - Day

Favourite spot in Exeter (or on campus)

My favourite spot is a close tie between Crankhouse Coffee and Kin Khao Cafe. I have probably been to Crankhouse over 300 times as my favourite coffee spot, a Cortado is my go-to. If you go, make sure to get the banana bread, it's amazing. Kin Khao cafe is only open Friday-Sunday and is my favourite Thai food in Exeter. The paintings of cats on the walls are an added bonus.

Top study tip?

The only way I got through my final year with ADHD was always having rewards that would boost my motivation. I used the pomodoro timer technique, and every 3 sessions I completed I would have a little treat (coffee, sweet, sticker, time on my phone etc).  

What’s one thing at uni you couldn’t live without?

The local community. Being in the university bubble can be incredible but also overwhelming. I realised that it was very important for my mental health to realise that I am more than a student, being a student was only one part of my life. I volunteered in various local charities and have in the past year been exploring more of the local arts and music culture, Bookbag has some awesome poetry nights.  

What’s your perfect day in Exeter?

Probably a picnic down by the quay with my friends. Pro tip, if you walk alongside the river to Belle Isle Park it's the perfect quiet spot, and usually has lots of cute cats that come say hi!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to students?

Your university experience is yours alone, don’t waste your precious time trying to fit in with how you see other students living life. As an autistic and disabled person, it was hard for me in first year to see students who were able to go out multiple times a week or join lots of societies. But I slowly found my people and got into the groove of what was right for me.  

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Being a voice

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