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Emma de Saram

Emma de Saram
Emma De Saram

Tell us a bit about yourself, your role and your time at Exeter

Heya! I’m Emma aka your go to gal on activism, affordable food and I’m your Students Guild President! I’m a history graduate and I also had the complete honour of being the Vice President for Liberation and Equality 22/23, and I was delighted to be voted in for another year with an even grander title.  

Top study tip?

Work at times that work best for you when you can! In my first year of uni I tried to work 9-5 but this didn’t last once I got a part time job and took on a variety of roles. Working smarter not harder is cliche but true – short, focused sessions using study methods that are effective for you. Changing your environment can also be really handy. Staying nourished and getting enough sleep is also absolutely key.  

Favourite spot in Exeter (or on campus)

I love being by the quay, it’s such a peaceful place to be and in the summer it’s the ideal place to end the day with friends. On campus, I also love the community.

If you could recommend one thing the Students’ Guild offers for students to get involved in, what would it be?

I can’t lie I didn’t really know what the the Guild did until my third year apart from academic representation and advice and, as a covid era student, it wasn’t until my final year that the Guild became a bigger part of my life when I was organising protests and running campaigns with Be the Change society.  

I would really encourage you to just have an explore of the Guild website or social media and see what’s going on regularly (our social media game is strong). and if you’re keen, I would recommend you properly read our emails - trust me there is a lot of great stuff going on!).  

Events, representation roles, campaigns and paid advisory boards are just a few of the things you’ll find out about on our pages. Keeping in the loop online is a great way to start finding your community.

What’s one thing at uni you couldn’t live without?

A good coffee from an independent cafe while I’m meeting a deadline  

What’s your perfect day in Exeter?

A beach walk, a nourishing meal and a chilled pub trip in the evening (bonus points if we can sit outside in the sun!)

What’s one piece of advice you would give to students?

There is some cringe quote that goes along the lines of ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’ and I genuinely think that is so true.  There is a high chance university will hugely change you for the better, so let that happen! Go to that event, attend the protest, say yes to a committee role but most importantly, reach out for help and support because it is there. I wish I’d been more involved with the Students Guild earlier on in my university life as it is full of people with a lot of experience about how the University works...

It’s so easy to want to follow the crowd and mould yourself into someone else.  

Go and slay x  

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