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To all our newest students, welcome to Exeter! If you’ve just joined us, it’s the perfect time to find out more about Exeter, about the Guild, and about how we can make your Exeter experience the best if can possibly be.

With the start of term 2, we wanted to give you the opportunity to find out more about Exeter, explore some of the best attractions in the city and beyond, and sign up to those societies you didn’t get around to last term!

As your Students’ Guild we are here to ensure you love your time at Exeter and there are so many ways for you to do that. This week we will be shining a spotlight on a different theme every day to help you make the most of our wonderful city and community.

Students holding up mortar boards in front of a #Exeter sign.
Students gathered by an Exeter Guild gazebo at Fresher's WeekStudents at Budleigh Beach

EVents - Monday 16 January

Love Exeter, Lead Exeter

If you’ve loved your time at Exeter, why not spend an extra year here making it the best it can be for your fellow students?

We’ve made some changes to our Officer roles this year – take a look and see if you have the skills to match them.

These are paid, full-time roles with starting salaries of £21,778.60 – an ideal graduate job giving you insight into the management and governance of the Guild as a charity. Being an officer means you will gain so many skills you can take into your future career. What are you waiting for, lead Exeter!

EVents - Wednesday 18 January

Love Exeter, Find your Exeter

We’re all part of one big Exeter community here, but we’re also all about helping you find communities within Exeter too. Whether that’s your sports team, finding people with similar interests to you, or if you identify with a specific group, we’re here to bring you all together to connect, share ideas and make lasting friendships too.

EVents - Thursday 19 January

Love Exeter, Celebrate Exeter

We’re so proud to celebrate all of your achievements at Exeter, especially through our Guild Awards!

Exeter students achieve incredible things like raising an incredible £129,062 for Movember, delivering food to those in need and volunteering and leading the way in arts and culture through music and drama performances.

Not only that, but you, as Exeter students aren’t afraid to stand up and make change for the benefit of others. From working to provide hot, affordable meals on campus to making others feel safer at night, your campaigning shows just how passionate you are!

EVents - Friday 20 January

Love Exeter, Love your Guild

We’re your Guild, here to help you love Exeter.  We support societies and groups, provide Advice for you when you need it and represent you to the University through our Full-Time Officers and academic reps.