Living Costs: what we’re doing for you

Living Costs is one of your student priorities this year, and during National Student Money Week (4-8 March) we asked you some questions about your finances and budgeting.


Here’s what we found:

·  65%of students have faced financial struggles whilst at university.

·  1/3 of students are worrying about money all the time.

·  41%of students reported working part time for a source of income.

Save the Students' 2023 money survey has also shown:

· Almost 1 in 5 students have used a foodbank in the last academic year.

·  42% of students said they sometimes skip meals to save money.

· 62% of students say their social life has suffered due to money worries.

Whilst sadly not surprising to us, this just confirms that more needs to be done both in Exeter and nationally to improve cost of living, especially for students.

What we’re doing for you:

·  Pip delivered a Feed your Flat event on Streatham in term 1, and St Luke’s in term 2 giving out meal packs to feed 2000 students. Look out for more in term 3!

·  Pip & Mia are working on a student community cookbook providing recipes, tips and budgeting advice.

·  Alex and Pip have delivered a Community Fridge on Streatham and are working towards one for St Luke’s.

·  Alex has been campaigning so that students don’t have to pay for books on reading lists.

·  Emma is making sure the £2 meal is here to stay following the campaign last year.

·   Rhys has been working to ensure the University are providing more paid opportunities for students.

·   Emma will be attending Lancaster SU’s Cost of Living Conference on 30 May.


What next?

Your Officers have also co-created a policy which was debated at NUS National Conference –all about Food, Funding & Shelter, advocating for practical change towards a new system which serves students instead of profiting from them. This policy is being voted on this week!

Your Officers continue to lobby the University to do all they can to improve living costs, and your student experience.


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