Heading: Your Priorities 2022-23

In September, we asked you what your priorities were for Term 1 and what we could do to support them.

From this we identified FOUR key themes that summarised what you told us to prioritise, they were…

1. Cost of Living
2. Wellbeing & Support
3. Belonging & Inclusivity
4. Campaigning & Engagement

At the beginning of term 2, we asked you again to ensure that we were prioritising the right work that would have the greatest impact and what we could do to better support you.

Students with their free Love Exeter tote bags
Heading: Cost of Living

You told us that you needed more support to help you navigate through the Cost of Living Crisis. You also wanted us to lobby the University for more tangible support.

What we did...

  • Supported a student-led campaign to get the University to introduce £2 meals on Streatham
  • Created a webpage full of useful resources and information
  • Our Advice Team now run weekly budget workshops to help you manage your money
  • Partnered with the University of Exeter to provide free period products on campus
  • Izzie (VP Opportunities) ran a Student Business market to showcase student small businesses
  • Allocated £10,000 worth of music lessons through our Music Tuition scheme
  • £510 given to 15 students from the Society Hardship Fund to enable them to join/participate with society activities
  • Conducted research into how PGR students have been affected by the Cost of Living Crisis
  • Collaborated with other Russel Group Student Unions to conduct research into how all students are affected by the Cost of Living Crisis, this received over 8500 responses nationally

What we're working on...

Getting the £2 meal on St Luke’s and campaigning for the expansion to ‘Budget Breakfasts’

Future student business markets

Creative business workshops for those interested in creative careers

Heading: Wellbeing & Support

You told us you wanted us to do more to support you, especially surrounding wellbeing in the form of more preventative measures. You also asked us for more support with academic matters.

What we did….

  • Launched our Reference Right campaign to help students better understand referencing
  • Organised Creative Journaling, Meditative Painting & Music Therapy workshops for the January exam period
  • Provided care packages for students staying on campus and in Exeter during the winter closure period
  • Delivered events for World Mental Health Day in October including a Wellbeing Brunch
  • Initiated weekly visits from Pets As Therapy during term time

What we're working on...

Working with the University to reimagine ELE and eBart

Designing monthly creative wellbeing sessions

Continuing our research into mitigation processes to ensure students voices are heard

Creating a timetable of wellbeing events for the May exam period

Exeter Students' Guild G sign outside Devonshire HouseStudents with a llamaStudents with their free Love Exeter tote bags
Header - Campaigning and Engagement

You told us you wanted the Guild to run and support more campaigns about the issues that affect our student community.

What we did…

  • Delivered a programme of events and activities for the 16 Days of Action campaign to raise awareness and call for changes to end violence against women and girls
  • Held a Day of Climate Action in December, which included student led talks, a film screening and workshops focused on student climate action.
  • Worked with the University on the roll out and development of Bystander Intervention training (Exe-Change the Norm)
  • Launched our ‘Love Exeter’ Campaign aiming to encourage students to love their time at Exeter through finding their community, exploring the city and amplifying the student voice.

What we're working on...

Go Green Week to celebrate and encourage students being more sustainable

Undertaking the NUS Green Impact Award as an organisation

Header: Belonging & Inclusivity

You told us you wanted more opportunities to find your people, and place here at Exeter. Whether that was through social events, trips, campaign months or community building.

What we did…

  • Organised regular Community Café events to give you the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests/backgrounds
  • Izzie (VP Opportunities) established Chub Club as a community for those who self-identify as plus-size to have a space to discuss their experiences
  • Continued our Give it a Go programme giving students the opportunity to explore Devon and meet new people at little or no cost.
  • Organised a stall and events for Estrangement Solidarity Week, which included receiving a Standalone Pledge Award for supporting estranged students
  • In collaboration with students and societies delivered a programme of events to celebrate Black History Month, Disability History Month and LGBTQ+ History Month

What we're working on...

An exciting programme of Give it a Go events for Term 2 & 3

More social events and campaigns for liberation groups

Reimaging Devonshire House to make it a more accessible and adaptive space

Our annual Guild Awards which recognise and celebrate our amazing societies and volunteers