Go Green Week

About Go Green Week

13 - 19 March 2023

Go Green Week offers ways for you to learn more about sustainability, climate change and social justice. What do you think Exeter staff, students and leaders should be doing to combat the climate crisis?

We would encourage you to take some small actions which will make a big difference for the planet – from switching to vegetarian and vegan meals, to recycling, using a reusable cup/bottle or cycling to campus.

We know that institutions and especially governments need to step up and make radical changes but doing something however small is better than doing nothing at all. Together we can make an impact, in Exeter and beyond.

Exeter Campus greeneryExeter Campus greeneryExeter Campus greenery

Take Part

Be the Change Society

Be The Change is a society campaigning for sustainability in Exeter, both on and off campus.

Exeter Climate Cafe
A climate cafe is a friendly caring sharing space where fears and uncertainties about our climate and ecological crisis can be safely expressed.

Exeter Community Alliance
Exeter Community Alliance is a collective that is supporting Climate Action Hub Exeter to acquire and set up a physical hub in central Exeter using the Climate Emergency Centre model from which to help our members work on fixing the climate, social and ecological crises.

University events for Go Green Week
Find out about the events the University are putting on, as well as information on the promotions going on in their food outlets.