New Community Fridge at the University

In collaboration with Foodsave CIC and the University, there is now a Community Fridge located in the ground foyer of Forum Library (Streatham Campus).

This fridge will be regularly stocked with free food for anyone that wants it, and will be accessible 24/7, while food stocks last. We want this initiative to help as many students as possible, so please be mindful and only take a few items so that others can also benefit from this.

The Community Fridge will be stocked with surplus food. This includes everything that businesses can’t sell or individuals can’t use, such as food coming to the end of its legal shelf life, split multipacks, or food where packaging designs have been changed. Due to this, stock levels of the community fridge will vary.

Currently through projects like these, Foodsave CIC are saving over 1.5 tonnes of surplus food from being wasted a week, which is roughly 665 meals. It is also reducing carbon emissions by over 5 tonnes!

This is a new project, and Alex (Education Officer) and Pip (Student Living Officer) are currently working to get funding for a St Luke's Community Fridge too.

Foodsave CIC was founded by Jake Bonetta, who is also a current student here at Exeter! Jake is looking for students to volunteer to help Foodsave. For more information, head to their website.

Living Costs is one of our student priorities this year and the Community Fridge, along with our Feed your Flat events, and the subsidised £2 meals on campus are providing low-cost food options for students when they need them.

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