Study spaces on Streatham – rated!

If you’re reading this article, then it must be deadline season. Serious cramming mode is on to get those essays done, sometimes studying in your bedroom is just not cutting it anymore and leading to more sleeping time and less reading time. Lucky for you this blog post will show you all the hidden (and not so hidden) gems on Streatham campus where you get the work done that you’ve been putting off for weeks.


Campus Library: 8/10

What’s that saying about if something is not broken don’t fix it? That perfectly captures my sentiment towards the Forum Library. It's a timeless gem that holds a certain magic, a testament to its enduring popularity among students. Nestled at the very heart of campus, its doors are open 24/7,catering to night owls and early birds. Additionally, there are silent study spaces and group work rooms as well, so whatever you need to contribute to that productive study session you’ve got planned chances are the library has got it.


Devonshire House: 7/10

With easy access to food, the hot water taps and the microwave, Devonshire House is the perfect place to situate yourself for a full day study grind, especially if it’s with a group of people or some friends. The loud and bustling environment is ideal for anyone who prefers to study with background noise and dislikes silence.


The Northcott Theatre: 6/10

A familiar spot for theatre students and all those interested in the arts, the Northcott Theatre is tucked away on the hill can be the ideal sport for social gatherings and fun work. Its welcoming café, ready to serve a variety of tasty treats and refreshing drinks provides the necessary fuel for long study sessions or a relaxing break with friends. With its unique ambiance that stimulates creativity and focus, the Northcott Theatre stands as a multifaceted gem for those seeking an alternative to the traditional study environment.


The Business School: 9/10

With the La Touché Café inside, the Business School is best spot to go to if you’re looking for something to munch on whilst studying. Breakfast is served from 8am, offering tasty breakfast butties and bagels, with burgers and wraps being served for lunch. The unlimited choice of drinks, snacks and cakes serves as the perfect procrastination excuse especially if you’re sharing with a friend. I personally love the atmosphere inside the building however as you can imagine it does get very busy during peak hours.


Amory: 10/10

In my opinion the most underrated study spot on campus, there is so many options for study spaces, including the silent room and space to reheat food. With a café also located inside the building, there’s no better time than to treat yourself with a something sweet. Whether you're planning to power through a day of intense study or looking for a cosy nook to chip away at your workload, Amory combines all the essentials, potentially making it your go-to haven for those long study sessions.


Washington Singer: 9/10

I might be slightly biased with this one but as a Psychology study I absolutely love Washington Singer. The rustic feel definitely allows you to romanticize studying, it’s basically the same at Hogwarts (nearly). Tucked away in the deep corners of the building, the study room is perfect for early morning or late-night study sessions with less students and silence.

There’s also a vending machine onsite for snacks and hot drinks providing you with energy to accompany all those studying hours (and TikTok scrolling time). A big bonus is that you won’t have to walk up Forum Hill, however it is quite the walk from the main campus area, but worth every step!


Good luck with those deadlines and whether you need a short power nap, some last-minute group work or a long day of cramming in tasks, Streatham Campus has got you covered with endless study spots. Coming soon: St Luke’s study spots!

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