Emma's Favourite Places to Study Off Campus

Working on campus is great, but sometimes you need to have a break from the university bubble. Here is a definitive list of where to study off campus, taking into consideration all the important things – can you work there for hours on end? Do they have student discount? Where can you get the best hot chocolate…  

Exeter Library

The Exeter Library has so many options for study spaces, it could be a blog post in its own right. With the silent study space, the lounge area on the second floor, the desk spaces on the ground floor and ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ café, you’re guaranteed to find a study space that suits your needs. This is one of the best places to go for a break from studying on campus – it’s free, it’s calm, and the café looks out on the beautiful Rougemont gardens.

Exeter Library
Exeter Library

Grow Coffee House

Grow Coffee House is a lovely independent café, with a relaxed vibe and lots of cosy places to take a seat and work for hours. Their selection of cakes and pastries behind the counter are delicious, and once you’ve finished studying you can browse the vintage store or guitar shop that share the building. Also, make sure to use the 10% student discount when you go.

Grow Coffee House, Exeter

Café Nero

Café Nero is one of the best chains to work in – and Exeter has two! The High Street’s location is usually quiet upstairs, and the comfy cornered off section in the Queen Street’s spot makes both cafes great for a long study session. Plus, their stamp card always gives great deals, so make sure you’ve got it downloaded.


Boston Tea Party

Another great chain café to work in, Boston Tea Party has a light and airy atmosphere that energises you while you work. With such a big open space, you’re guaranteed find a table to work at for hours - unless you go at lunchtime on the weekend. The only thing about this location is it can get quite noisy, so make sure you bring some headphones.

Boston Tea Party, Exeter

Glorious Art House

The bright yellow walls, funky wallpaper and cute assortment mugs in Glorious Art House probably make it the most beautiful café to study in in the city centre. I have spent so many hours in here, powered by their delicious hot chocolates and brownies – and am sure I’ll spend many more!

Glorious Art House, Exeter


If you want to escape the city centre, Sundays is the place to go. Down by the quay, this surfing inspired café perfects the laidback vibe needed to calm your stress whilst writing your assignments. Plus, the walk to get here is so tranquil it almost feels like you’ve left the city entirely.

Sundays, Exeter

Café W, Waterstones

With specially allocated spaces for studying, Waterstones has created the perfect café to plonk yourself down in for a couple of hours of work. Plus, you can hope that some of the wisdom in all the books surrounding you will infuse into your brain while you’re working. Their reward scheme, Waterstones Plus, means that you can get 5% off transactions and earn points whenever you spend in the shop.

Café W, Waterstones, Exeter


This daytime coffee house turned bar in the evenings is one of the best spots to go for a later study session. If you time this right, you can power through a few hours of studying then wind down with some pizza and one of their famous open-mic nights as a treat to end your day.

Artigiano's, Exeter

That completes my round up of the best places to study off campus. Hopefully, some of these spaces will keep you going throughout the year and will help you explore more of the city whilst you’re in Exeter.

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