Study Spaces on St Luke’s – rated!

As far as study spaces go, everyone will have different preferences – whilst some prefer to work in quiet, others might enjoy background noise. To create the go to study space guide at the St Luke’s campus, this blog post will feature different study spaces and how I would rank them based on advantages and disadvantages.


Cross Keys: 7/10

Starting off with Cross Keys: a classic to all St Luke’s students, this exciting and vibrant place to study, meet, eat and drink is the go-to spot for a reason. The ground floor provides the perfect area for socialising and group work, if you’re looking for somewhere more quiet and empty head up to the second floor. If you fancy a change of scenery from the basic library spot and want to romanticize studying in a café without actually having to spend money to study in a café, there is no better option but Cross Keys.

Inside cross keys cafe


Giraffe House: 10/10


As a student who spends most of her time at the Streatham campus, I am the biggest die-hard fan of the Giraffe House, the most quiet, calm and intense study environment you could want. If you’re walking into that room with a massive to do list, chances are you’ll walk out having each one ticket off. There are also computers for you to use if needed, and private group study rooms that can be booked in advance. But what truly sets the Giraffe House apart? For the ultimate quiet time, early mornings or late evenings is where it's at.


The computer bank in Giraffe House

Haighton Library: 6/10


The perfect place to be in if you want to romanticize studying and feel like the absolute main character of a movie. If the essay and hours of readings you’re behind on is not intellectually stimulating enough, then I'm sure trying to navigate the library trying to find a seat will be. With so many options for seating, alone and group work as well, my favourite part of the Haighton Library has to be the seats set up by the window which almost makes it feel like you’re not forced to be studying and instead are actually getting fresh air outside. Born to frolic in the gardens, forced to study in the library.

*Please note, there will be noisy works at the library on 21, 22 and 23 May, and the St Luke's library will be closing from 31 May until Autumn term for refurbishment.


A small desk and chair surrounded by bookshelves and books

G48: 8/10


Arguably the place in all of St Luke’s where you have the highest chance of being the only person studying in this room. Incredibly underrated in my opinion, G48 represents the Guild on St Luke’s campus, with easy access to hot water and a microwave, situate yourself in a comfy seat, bring some food to heat up to fuel your study session and whizz through that to-do list.


The front of G48 with Students' Guild signage

Trying to navigate campus can be an overwhelming task, especially when it comes to finding all the nooks and crannies, hopefully this short but very sweet list can allow you to find somewhere new to study every now and then. Remember a change of scenery is great for productivity and there is nothing quite like the feeling after accomplishing a successful study session!

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Study spaces on Streatham – rated!
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