Student Elections 2024: Your NUS Candidates

Last week we announced the candidates for the Student Elections (voting opens on Mon 29 Jan!)

We’ve got lots happening across campus including a climbing wall, a bucking bronco, free hot drinks, popcorn and more! See our events.

During this election you can also vote for your NUS National Conference Rep Candidates – who will be representing Exeter students at the 2024 Conference, taking place in April in Blackpool.

NUS National Conference Rep candidates:

Alex Martin

Alex Stanley

Amandine Brown

Cordelia Thompson

Deepika Rathee

Isra Ahmed

Jakob Habsburg-Lothringen-Kyburg

Rhys Wallis

Siddharth Nagesh Salvi

Trey Tallon        


Each year we send elected students and Full-Time Officers to attend National Conference, to represent Exeter in conversations about the key issues facing students. Delegates vote on policy, in elections (where applicable), and on reports. They also discuss options for national action, share best practice, and meet and network with hundreds of other delegates.

This year the focus will be on priorities including the upcoming General Election and changes to the NUS’ organising model.

The National Union of Students (NUS) is the national voice of over 6 million students across the United Kingdom. It is made up of roughly 600Students’ Guilds, Unions and Associations across the country and exists to promote, extend, and defend students’ rights and interests.

Student Elections 24/25
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Student Elections 2024: Revealing your candidates!
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