Student Elections 2024 – The results! 

We’re so excited to announce your Elected officers for the 2024/25 academic year – congratulations to the candidates who have been chosen to lead Exeter students!    

Guild President – Alex Martin  
Education Officer – Sebastian Racisz   
Societies and Employability Officer – India Walton-Salmon 
Communities and Equality Officer –Thomas Tran 
Student Living Officer – Kira Brookes 
Sports President – Chloe Whitworth  

You can view the breakdown of votes in our full results summary.

Thank you once again to every student who voted and engaged in the Elections this year! Your student voice does matter, so it’s brilliant to see Exeter students voting. Each vote cast strengthens the student voice on our campuses and puts your experience and feedback directly in front of the University.  We have seen 4,173 students cast their vote, over the 4-day voting window, which is a turnout of 13.1% of the student body. Over 31,000 votes were cast overall! 

A massive well done to all the candidates for their hard work campaigning – it was incredible to see so many passionate candidates ready to represent Exeter students – you’re all amazing!   

Looking for your NUS National Conference results?  

We can also announce your NUS Delegates are:   

Alex Martin

Alex Stanley

Amandine Brown

Cordelia Thompson

Isra Ahmed

Jakob Habsburg-Lothringen-Kyburg

Rhys Wallis

Trey Tallon

Emma de Saram

Evalyn Anstiss

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