Referred/Deferred exam tips

Revision Tips

Having the motivation to revise when the weather is beautiful outside can be quite difficult, so we’ve created a list of tips to get you through assessment season.

1. If you want to make the most out of the sun, but also do not have the spare time to go on an adventure, revise outside. The benches outside the back of the Forum are a good place to sit as you are never too far from a power source if your laptop dies.

2. Try new locations when revising. After sitting in the same location and position for a long time, you may begin to lose concentration and feel like you need a change of scenery. This is a good time to explore the many study spaces that we have on campus, or where you are at home.

3. Try different methods of revising if you aren’t sure what kind of learner you are. Some students may prefer to revise by watching lecture and revision videos, whilst others may prefer to create mind maps or write out their notes repeatedly. Try a mix of these methods and see what works best for you.

4. Create a routine. Sometimes it can be hard not to procrastinate when there is a deadline that you really do not want to tackle, but if you create a revision schedule and a routine, this may help you stay on track and keep focused.

5. It’s okay not to dedicate the exact same amount of time to every module as if you are struggling that module will require more time than the others.

6. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Without enough sleep your concentration and focus will be lacking so you will get a lot less done than you would have done, had you been well rested.

We hope these revision tips help you get through deadline season, and we wish all our students the best of luck with your upcoming deferred assessments.

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