What's it like to Give it a Go?

"Taking time to explore Exeter and its local surroundings is one of the best things to do whilst you are at Uni. Darts Farm is definitely a hidden gem, with beautiful scenic landscape and so many food outlets to explore. If you haven’t had the time to visit Darts Farm, then I would recommend doing so before you leave Exeter. It is such a perfect location to go on a picnic with friends.

During the exams period, as part of the Give it a Go trips series, I went on the Darts Farm trip with several other students. It was such a lovely break from exams where we were able to relax and take in the countryside surroundings. We definitely made the most of all the food options available. Their farm shop is fully stocked up with so many different food options and there are several cafes and restaurants to choose from, but let me tell you, there is nothing better than their homemade ice-cream.  Pair the ice-cream with a waffle from Cow and Cacao and trust me, you will be living your best life. Some of the students that I was with bought some food from the deli counter for their dinner and lunch for the next day, which is definitely a good option for the days you don’t feel like cooking, but don’t want to buy a takeaway.

There are picnic benches for you to eat the food you bought or there is indoor seating at their restaurants, so if the weather isn’t great, you won't be stuck outside.

We also went on a walk through the fields and saw some cows as well as chickens. For a city girl like myself, it is always exciting to see life in country side at its peak."

You can get your tickets for all upcoming Give it a Go trips here!  You can also find out more about Give it a Go and what we offer.

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