Leadership Elections 2023 – The results!

We’re so excited to announce your Elected officers for the 2023/24 academic year – congratulations to the candidates who have been chosen to lead Exeter students!  

Guild President - Emma de Saram  

Education Officer - Alex Stanley

Societies and Employability Officer - Rhys Wallis

Communities and Equality Officer - Mia Robillard-Day

Student Living Officer - Pip Shaw

Sports President - Gee Burnett

You can view the breakdown of votes in our full results summary.

Looking for your Department Officer results?  

Thank you once again to each and every student who voted and engaged in the Elections this year! We’ve seen this year that the student voice is more important than ever, so it’s brilliant to see Exeter students voting for who they want to represent them with a turnout of 12.3%. 

We reached 3,923 voters, so we will be planting 4,000 trees in the most climate effective places in the world through Ecologi. You can see our growing forest here.  

Your votes unlocked 4 tiers of prizes in our prize draw, keep an eye on your emails in case you’re the lucky winner of the Uni stash, a Fitbit, AirPods or a Nintendo Switch!

A huge well done to all the candidates for their hard work campaigning – it was incredible to see 15 passionate candidates ready to represent Exeter students – you’re all amazing! 

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