Farewell from Marion!

Well, what a year it has been! My time in office as Vice-President Liberation and Equality has officially come to an end. This job has been filled with so much variety which I am grateful for; no two days have been the same and I have thoroughly enjoyed working on issues I am passionate about, whilst having a lot of fun in the process.

There have been many brilliant experiences this year, but some highlights have included organising and leading on the Guild’s Black History Month campaign and events. It was great to work with societies and a member of our alumni community to host great educational and fun events. I’m also proud to have held the Guild’s biggest Black History Month event with the spoken word poet and author, Sophia Thakur, in the Northcott Theatre. I also enjoyed the busyness of Fresher’s week 2021 and meeting thousands of you in person. Also, I have loved the simpler things like our Officer ‘Spill the Tea’ events where I have had insightful conversations with students about their experience, over a hot drink and a biscuit!

Being a full time officer has taught me a lot, from how to work effectively with executive University staff, to managing how to be a trustee and student representative, at the same time whilst still being myself. This job is one I know I will never experience again because of how unique it is, so I feel very fortunate and grateful to have been elected in the first place, and I really hope you have felt represented by me and the work I have done this year on safety, wellbeing, and equality and inclusion.

I have enjoyed working with the SU officers down in Cornwall and have appreciated their engagement. I would like to thank the Guild staff team for being great and supporting me with everything I have done this year. A special shout out goes to my team of Officers, Lily, Izzy and Bella for being such lovely colleagues and friends – we have been a fab #girlband this year! I wish the new officers (and Lily returning), the best of luck next year and I am sure they will do fantastic things!

This is Maz officially over and out :)

Bye from Izzy!
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