Bye from Izzy!

I cannot believe that we’re already at the end of our year as Guild Officers. I can honestly say that it’s been one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences and I have had a lot of fun! I’ve been really lucky to work on a big range of things this year, from employability, to accessibility, to graduation, and of course, working with societies. Whilst I was a student, I lived and breathed society life- so to be able to work full time this year supporting society activity feels like the perfect way to round off my time in Exeter.  There are so many projects and events that I could write about, from working with the Guild to create a new website, to re-launching the Societies and Clubs  Hardship Fund with the AU and, perhaps most excitingly, working with the University to bring back the Lemmy Nightclub from September!! It’s certainly been a busy year!

One of the best things about this job is the range of people we get to meet and speak to. One day we’ll be chatting to students whilst handing out free tea and coffee at a ‘Spill the Tea’ event, the next we’ll be meeting with the Vice Chancellor and executive team- something that I still find somewhat surreal!

The Guild has helped me learn and grow, it’s taught me a lot about communication, campaigning and how to effectively lobby for change. It’s also helped me figure out more about the kind of leader I want to be and the career I want to make. I am so grateful to the Guild staff team and other full- time officers Lily, Bella and Maz for always being supportive and for being so much fun to work with, I know that I have made friends for life. Thankyou. As sad as I am to be leaving, I know that the new officer team are going to be absolutely brilliant and I cannot wait to see what they do- good luck!

Thank you to everyone who’s helped make this an incredible year.

Izzy (self-proclaimed VP Fun) x

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