Wed 20 Sep - Cultural & FaithWed 20 Sep - Cultural & Faith

What's Happening?

Finding your Faith:

Join our Faith groups in the Terrace for a drink, a snack, and enjoy a chat about how you can practice your faith and religion at Exeter

Explore the World:

Tour the world at Exeter, tasting national dishes and delicacies, expanding your horizons, finding your place in the world and listening to music from across the globe

Culture and Faith Community Bulletin Board (Forum Street):  

Invite returning students to come and post about what their faith based society means to them, what they offer to them, and how it helps create a sense of community.  

Map of Exeter (Forum Street):  

Invite returning students and Exeter locals to pin locations in Exeter that are meaningful to them, and places that make them feel at peace, or at home.

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