Mon 18 Sep - AppreciationMon 18 Sep - Appreciation

What's Happening?

Monday is the first day of our Welcome Week! This day will spotlight an array of groups through interactive activities and displays. Use this day to chat with our charity and fundraising groups, challenge our games and gaming communities, begin discussion with our political groups and learn about the media societies on campus!  

On this day you'll have the chance to:

  • Explore the A-Z of games and gaming! See Cubing Society speed cubing, challenge Video Game Society on Mario Karts or learn the basics of Mahjong
  • Take time to embrace your creative side. Get involved in our meme making station, or create your own unique pencil case
  • Learn about the diverse hobbies of our students – grab a coffee taster with Exepresso Coffee Society, bond with students over idols including Harry Styles and Tayor Swift or learn the rules of Quidditch.
  • Explore community volunteering opportunities; from delivering basic first aid to promoting sexual health safety!
  • Get up and close with societies during demonstrations on the North Piazza

For more info see the events below. Check out the societies involved.


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Where It's Happening

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Societies Involved

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Societies Involved

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