Student Advisory Board 27/10/22

December 6, 2022

The first-ever Student Advisory Board took place on the 27th October and followed a training session where all Advisory Board members were informed about the Guild, how to ask questions, and what the Advisory Board could do. The Student Advisory Board decided to trial a Chairing and Facilitating Hybrid model for the running of the meeting – with a member drawn to Chair with support of a Guild Facilitator.  

The Board first discussed the possibility of new Officer roles and the option of moving to 5 Full Time Officers. Our President, Lily, explained the role of Officers and the rationale for having an extra Full Time Officer. Background about the fact that Officers are also trustees was given – informing the Board that the Officers are leaders, employees, and trustees of the Guild.  

There were several options laid out the Board – but the main ask was to identify which areas were not being covered effectively, who the Guild is failing to effectively represent, and how the Guild can engage the wider student body further in understanding what Officers are and what they do. The Board confirmed the current Officer set up and explored the usage of the word Equality in Officer portfolios. The Board also explored the idea of Open Portfolio roles but agreed that it could result in important items being ignored. The Student Advisory Board asked for further information before they could reach a decision at the next Board.  

Guild President, Lily, gave an update on the Brand Positioning survey that had gone out to students and asked Board members to make sure they had filled it out.

The Board then received an update about the Student Priorities survey results that was conducted during Freshers. These priorities shaped the Guild priorities following discussion internally and with the Board. Board members explored actions around Cost of Living, Housing, Engagement, and returned to discussion around a possible Student Living Officer – about what this role could achieve in this section. The Board discussed options around developing a feeling of belonging for a sense of International students and ensuring that students when they first arrive know what the Guild can do for them.  

Finally, the Student Advisory Board discussed the chairing and facilitation arrangement – whether it worked – and members shared what elements of the Board they found most effective. The Board recorded items they would like to potentially discuss at the next Student Advisory Board session.