Small Creative Projects Fund: The Projects

May 31, 2023

Find out more about the projects that received funding via our Small Creative Projects Fund! Don't see your project listed? Don't worry, we're adding more to this page in the coming weeks.

Bossy B*tch Productions

The poster for In Memoriam

Why did you apply for the fund?

"We are hoping to establish ourselves as a theatre company post-uni. This will be our first production outside of the university society-bubble, really helping us to establish ourselves within the theatre industry."

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Project Overview

Graham Stephen Woodman is a grandad from nowhere. Or was. “In Memoriam” invites you inside the lives of the Woodman family the morning of Graham’s funeral - a time for the family to mourn in peace together and reflect on the loss of their loved one.  

WRONG! From a troublesome Priest, to a mystery guest and a very very late hearse, you can expect family fallouts, secret affairs and LOTS of chaos. Come and watch this DEAD serious comedy to witness a mournful day quickly turn very, very sour….

James Millar

James Millar in the studio

Why did you apply for the fund?

"To fund access to top-level music producers and engineers as well as additional support with the marketing – all of which would have been impossible without the fund".

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Project Overview

The recording and release of my debut single onto all streaming platforms. The release will be accompanied by a full marketing campaign and a portion of the profits will be used to support a charity.

48 Hour Sitzprobe

The team behind 48 Hour Sitzprobe

Why did you apply for the fund?

"We want to extend the opportunity to include social elements. The funding will allow us to provide morning refreshments and an evening barbecue after our final run. This way band and singers can not only learn about music but can get to know each other and learn more about different music and theatre opportunities available at Exeter University."

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Project Overview

A sitzprobe is a relaxed rehearsal where singers and musicians come together for the first time to practice a show’s score without any acting or dancing. For our inter-society project, over the course of two day, musicians and singers will learn the score from Beauty and the Beast, and on the final afternoon everyone will come together and run through the score! Our goal is to allow more individuals to gain theatre and musical experience in a relaxed setting without the need to audition or sign-up for a full-blown production. We also hope that this can act as an opportunity to promote more connections between band, cast and wider Exeter societies.

Exeter Uni Breakers

Exeter Uni Breakers performing

Why did you apply for the fund?

"We wanted to end the year by hosting something for our dance community, and surrounding student population, to enjoy.  Being many of our committee’s final year in Exeter, running a community event such as this as we used to pre-covid was a top priority and so this fund will help us bring this event to light."

Find Exeter Uni Breakers on Instagram: @ExeUniBreakers / @LegionDanceExeter

Project Overview

A day of dance and good company to celebrate the end of exams and summers arrival. Look forward to multiple workshops, exhibition battles, and an overall good time for the price of absolutely nothing!

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings Fringe Fundraiser Gala poster

Project Overview

“After participating at the ICCA’s and performing numerous gigs this year the Sweets think they have seen it all, However, when one of their members goes missing and they suspect foul play, the hunt is on to determine whodunnit! Join the Sweets on an accamurder mystery show, with hits from Carrie Underwood to JLS!”

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Don't see your project listed? Don't worry, we're adding more to this page in the coming weeks.