Exeter Summer Bucket List

June 10, 2022

by Lamis Alturk, 4th Year Student

One of my biggest regrets in my first year is not exploring the local area more, but after 4 years in Exeter I have compiled the ultimate Exeter Bucket List for you to take part in before you leave. The last thing you want to do is to get to your final year and think, I wish I had taken advantage of the beautiful place we call home when we are at Uni.

1. Dawlish Warren Sunrise

One of the best beach sunrises I have seen was definitely at Dawlish Warren. Being less than 20 minutes away by train, it is really accessible for all students. However, this might be more of a winter trip when sunrise is much later as sunrise these days is before the trains are running.

2. Exmouth Sunset BBQ

The second it is sunny; you will find Exmouth full of Exeter Uni students. Walking down the beach in Exmouth, you are always sure to run into someone you know. If you have ever seen the sunset at Exmouth, you will know it turns an ombre of colours, making the best background for photos.

Setting up a BBQ whilst watching the sunset is the perfect way to keep warm whilst watching the sunset.

3. Paignton Beach/ Pier

If you want to a very stereotypical English seaside town, Paignton is the one to go to.  My friends and I ended up at Paignton by randomly pointing to a spot on google maps and deciding to go there. It is just under an hour on the train, but the views on the way down to Paignton are beautiful. The town is full of seaside tourist shops, and it is just a lovely place to spend the day.

4. Cycle from Exeter to Dawlish Warren

The cycle route along the estuary from Exeter to Dawlish Warren is beautiful. Starting off by Exeter St Davids Station, you cycle alongside the quay until you suddenly are surrounded by the country side. Cycling past cows and sheep you realise how close Exeter is to some beautiful and scenic places. Ending up by the beach just tops off the already beautiful cycle ride.

5. Eating Pizza at ‘On the Waterfront’ by the Quay

Sitting outside at ‘On the Waterfront’ eating pizza, whilst watching the sunset in summer with friends is something I definitely recommend to do before you graduate.

6. Canoe to Double Locks

Playing music and singing along with friends, whilst canoeing to Double Locks is the perfect activity to do on a sunny day.

7. River Exe Café

The River Exe Café is a boat restaurant in Exmouth, which is only open in the summer months. You have to get a water taxi out to the restaurant, which is an experience in itself. Bookings start a year in advance, so it's definitely worth being organised with your planning.

8. Grabbing Pizza at the Old Firehouse

Before coming to Exeter, I had not seen square pizza before. Not only is the shape of the pizza relatively unique, the size of Firehouse pizzas make it good value for your money. It a real challenge to complete a Firehouse Pizza, therefore I would recommend splitting one with a friend.

9. Duryard Valley Park Sunset

The sunsets at Duryard Valley Park are just incredible. Seeing the sun set over the rolling hills is such an exciting but peaceful experience. Being only a 15-minute walk from Pennsylvania, it is really easy to get to. Bring a picnic with some friends and enjoy the views.

10. Haytor Sunrise

The Haytor sunset was undoubtedly the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen. The range of bright colours in the sky was beautiful to see. However, this location is not easily accessible by public transport, so definitely try to find a friend who has a car to go with you.

11. Exeter Cathedral Rooftop Tour

I have spent the past 4 years sitting on the lawn out side the cathedral stating I want to climb onto the rooftop to get a good view of the city. Of course actually climbing the edge of the cathedral is not actually possible, but they do offer rooftop tours, which allow you to walk through the roof of the cathedral, allowing you to get a 360 view from the rooftop.

12. Spend the day at Spitchwick

A great way to spend time with friends by the water and jump of some rocks if you dare. Spitchwick is a bit further out but such a great day trip!