Disability History Month 2023

This year, our theme is “be your authentic self” and we want to encourage you to embrace this. Be proud of who you are, and your uniqueness. We want you to feel like you belong at Exeter and we’re here to listen, support you and make changes so that you can thrive here.

Get Support

Read about how you can declare a disability, and claim Disabled Students Allowance.

Get involved:

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Head to our community library for some of our recommended reads!  


  • Sitting Pretty, Rebekah Taussig (2020)
  • Demystifying Disability, Emily Ladau  
  • A Time to Dance, Padma Venkatraman


  • Atypical  
  • Inside Out


  • Mad in America: Rethinking Mental Health
  • Disability Talks: Don’t Dis My Ability  

Read our full list of recommendations.

Sunflowers overlaid with the text 'Be your authentic self'