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Over half of the student population here at Exeter are or identify as women.  As your Students’ Guild, we are passionate about making sure you have an enriching, fun and safe time during your time as an Exeter student. We hope this page will help you find your communities and opportunities which are there for you. Whilst there are lots of great things about Exeter and the University experience, there are also things creating issues for women. We’re campaigning to improve safety on campus and in our city, end violence against women, and advocating for women’s rights. We’re here to help you make the changes you want to see – this page will update you on our work for Women Students and opportunities for you to get involved. If there are areas you want us to work on or you’ve got a campaign you want to start – get in touch with us!  

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We also have groups with the Inclusivity Badge and the Diversity Badge.


Here are some local services and support options for Women Students.

The University’s support networks for women.

If you have an idea for a new peer support scheme, contact the Academic Skills and Student Engagement Team.

Talk to the Community Representation Team who can work with you and your Officers to campaign for solutions for your community’s experience at university – whether you need small adjustments or systematic changes!

Get Involved

NUS Liberation Conference

This year’s Liberation Conference will be a high-energy, impactful campaigning space - moving away from reacting to the symptoms, and going after the root causes instead.