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Exeter is a place where everyone is not only respected but celebrated. No matter what your belief, faith, religion, or spirituality, we hope that you will thrive during your time as an Exeter student. We hope that this page will help you to connect with people who share your belief, find the spiritual guidance you might need, and other opportunities for representation and celebration. Are you planning a religious or cultural celebration for student? Please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help you! Your Students’ Guild is here to make sure your Exeter experience is as good as it can be – if there are changes you want to see, get in touch and we can work with you to bring about positive changes.

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Exeter has a number of different communities led by and for Students of Faith:

We also have a variety of other faith, nationality, and culture specific societies. We also have groups with the Inclusivity Badge and the Diversity Badge.

The University also has the Staff Christian Network and the Staff & PG Humanist and Progressive Fellowship.


Here are some local services and support options for Students of Faith. 

The University Chaplaincy for support and events on campus but also contacts to local worshipping communities.

If you have an idea for a new peer support scheme, contact the Academic Skills and Student Engagement Team.

Talk to the Community Representation Team who can work with you and your Officers to campaign for solutions for your community’s experience at university – whether you need small adjustments or systematic changes!


Get Involved

National Multifaith Youth Centre

The National Multifaith Youth Centre runs schemes for university students to become Multifaith Officers and Multifaith Champions.