Why it’s great to be a Full-Time Officer

Being a Full-Time Officer is an amazing experience, but don’t just take our word for it! Here are some of our past Officers to tell you how they found the whole process, from nominations through to their time in the roles.  

Jack Liversedge

VP Education 2022-23 [role is now Education Officer]

It sounds clichéd, but my best memory from my time as an Officer was the people who I met along the way. From my Guild colleagues to University Staff and students and other officers from different student unions. I have truly made lifelong friends and have had the privilege to learn from people who are very good at what they do.

My advice if you are thinking about applying would be to just go for it. It will be one of the weirdest interview processes that you will ever do, however it is so worth it, because the role is varied and rewarding.

My advice to you is: anyone can be an officer! Don’t worry that: “you’re not popular enough”, “are not very good at public speaking”, “are not a leader”. These are all thoughts that I had at one stage during the applying, and campaigning - and I was elected! My plea is to keep with it, and you will, if elected, have one of the most interesting and rewarding years of your life.


Liv Harvey

VP Activities 2019-20, and 2020-21 [role is now Societies & Employability Officer]

“I was very lucky to have a second year as VP Activities and I’m so glad I ran for a second year. Whilst you can definitely make meaningful and lasting change in a year, I felt as though I wanted more time to continue with some of the projects I was working on, and I just loved the job so much that I wasn’t quite done yet!  

To anyone thinking of applying I would say absolutely go for it. I was so close to not running because I thought I wasn’t good enough or thought I wouldn’t get elected. But I had two amazing years as an Officer, and it’s been an incredible experience!”  


Grace Hopper

VP Welfare & Community, 2012-13 [equivalent role is Communities & Equality Officer]

“I’d definitely put yourself forward because on top of all of it, it’s so much fun, it’s such an incredible year and such an incredible thing to do, and the contacts and the skills I learnt have absolutely helped to get to where I am today in my career, but also just in life.  

You get to run your own campaign, which is a rare experience, and all of it looks incredible on your CV.  

If you do win at the end, you will have the best year ever in office, I loved my time as VP Welfare & Community. I met and instantly gained 4 best friends in the other officers – we’re still in touch now!  

You get to work with lots of different partners, learn loads of new skills, and make loads of contacts as well. You can meet and work with so many incredible people in the Guild and in the University.  

The best thing about being an officer is that you can make so much change and impact by working with the student body and the people around you and really make a difference to students’ lives.  

Go for it, you won’t regret it!”  


Toby Gladwin

Guild President, 2016-17

"I was a 'Guildie' throughout my time at Uni, it was through Classics society and setting up the Real Ale Society that I got involved, and my best experiences of University were with the Guild. Part of me didn’t want to let that go, and part of me wanted to give back too, and be involved in Guild life going forwards.  

My favourite memories are being in the office with the rest of the team! After 17:00 there would be an hour on campus when all the Officers were together, working hard but also having a great time.  

I would encourage anything thinking about nominating themselves to absolutely do it, there is nothing quite like it, and win or lose the experience of running is an amazing one, and you will learn a lot about yourself. It takes a lot of time and effort, so be sure you are ready for the challenge!"  

Day in the Life of an Officer

Want to know what day to day life as an Officer is really like? We can show you!

Guild President  

Societies end Employability Officer (formerly known as VP Opportunities)

Education Officer (formerly known as VP Education)

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