The first Marketing Advisory board meeting

Your Students’ Guild is proudly led by students, for students. Marketing Advisory Board is made up of students who are empowered to influence the decisions we make and hold the Guild to account. Here is summary of our first meeting of the year.

About the Guild

There was a brief introduction with some icebreakers for the group to get to know each other, and an overview of the Guild. We asked students why they signed up to be on the Advisory Board and what they hoped to get out of the sessions.

Transparency and Awareness

A key part of the Guild’s new brand is to be more open, honest and transparent. We asked students to look at our current approach and workshop ways that we could improve it. Their key themes centred around closing the feedback loop and better communication of Officer activity. From this discussion students said they wanted more regular updates on projects and work the Guild is doing whilst it is happening, not just at the end of the term/year.


Students were asked what they knew about the Guild’s elections process, with a particular focus on nominations. The board were presented an overview of the Elections process and in a group discussion they identified the key messages of the nominations stage of the process, and how they would want this to be communicated. This feedback will lead into the planning of the messaging and communication for the nominations phase of elections, opening on 1 December.


Board members were also asked which platforms they are using most (including social media apps) and discussed content they would like to see on different platforms.

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