Navratri Celebration

Navratri celebration on campus, written by attendees.

The campus celebration of Navratri the 22nd of October was a vibrant and lively event that brought together a diverse community. The festivities commenced with a soulful Aarti, setting a spiritual tone for the evening. A speech followed, underscoring the significance of the nine-day Hindu festival, which honours the divine feminine energy, Shakti.

The heart of the celebration was a spirited dance known as Garba, accompanied by uplifting music that resonated with the joyous atmosphere. The rhythmic footwork and colourful attire added to the festive charm, as students and participants danced with enthusiasm.

The event culminated with Dandiya, a traditional dance with colourful sticks that added an element of fun and togetherness.

The celebration on campus was a true reflection of the cultural diversity and inclusivity, bringing people together to honour tradition and create lasting memories.

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