LGBTQ+ History Month: Student Stories

When thinking about LGBTQ+ history month, I thought it would be an interesting idea to reflect on my own LGBTQ+ history and identity. I found it an incredibly validating experience to look at how I became more educated and secure in my gender identity and sexuality and seeing my confidence in myself, and the world grow.  

Something that stood out to me when looking at my personal journey and exploration was how honoured I am to know such wonderful LGBTQ+ friends! This blog is a little love letter to the incredible people I have met, they are so wonderful, uplifting, and inspire me every day.  

I came out when I was in high school, I didn’t really know anyone else at the time who was LGBTQ+, a little overwhelming and lonely at times. That started to change as I went to college, I was lucky to find some wonderful LGBTQ+ friends who made me feel so loved and cherished, I am so grateful for how those friends uplifted and taught me how to embrace LGBTQ+ friendships. This equipped me brilliantly for University, I was ready to take the uplifting joy they filled me with and share it to others. I was so honoured to potentially help others grow in the queerness like my college friends helped me.  

It was brilliant to get to university and meet some absolutely wonderful LGBTQ+ people. I am so incredibly lucky to spend time and be friends with some beautiful people. They are so caring, fun, and just accepting. It has been wonderful to be able to grow in the light they give to my life. Being given the freedom and company to explore my gender and sexuality in a low-pressure accepting way has done wonders for myself confidence and understanding. This allowed me to explore my gender and come out again at my own pace being strengthened by my own little caring community. I was a little overwhelmed when starting uni and meeting new people, but many of the societies helped me to feel welcome with people of similar interests. For me, the LGBTQ+ Society was great at hosting chilled varied events, letting me meet fellow LGBTQ+ students. I also found some of my best friends at the Hide and Seek society, very low-pressure socials that involve playing childhood games. It was the different social events that helped me overcome the initial fear of being LGBTQ+ in new spaces and find friends that enjoy the same things I do, while uplifting and growing my own self confidence. I remember feeling a little lonely going from college to a different city especially after Covid. Reaching out and attending those events of things I am interested in, let me meet fellow LGBTQ+ people who introduced me to many new experiences and ideas. They have become some of my closest friends and inspirations.  

I cherish the joy I get from my friends and the community we have built on trust and love. Being able to share my LGBTQ+ joys and fears has given freedom to be myself. It has been wonderful to craft my own LGBTQ+ identity and experiences with friends who never fail to stand by my side, pick me up, and inspire me with their generosity and pure love every day. Collaborating on creating fun memories, stories, and a community, has taught me about my own personal representation. I am absolutely delighted to have been given a chance to learn and grow from so many incredibly brilliant, gorgeous folks. These relationships are the foundation of my own LGBTQ+ history and community, and it’s just so fantastic.  

Thank you, I can’t wait to keep on being inspired by all you do!

Jess, EDI Student Consultant

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