Guild Awards 2024 - Winners

What a fantastic evening! Thank you everyone who nominated students, societies and student groups. We hope that all those who attended the ceremony enjoyed the evening. We're in awe at how amazing you all are!

We received an amazing 847 nominations, which meant the judging process was a very tricky one, but it also gave us the chance to hear about so many fantastic and deserving students.

And your winners are...

The Academic Experience Award - Sana Ullah and Elisha Coen

For helping to ease the anxiety of new students by designing regular sessions that demystify the exams based on their own experiences.

The Postgraduate Experience Award - School of Education 'Buddy Up' Peer Mentors

Who have grown from supporting 10 students to 60, showing a clear impact on the community, and providing a wide range of events and opportunities showing clear innovation and commitment to improving Postgraduate experience.

The Development Award - Law Society Bar Subcommittee

For developing skills in students interested in becoming barristers, including a mentoring scheme and lots more opportunities.

The Collaboration Award - Ukrainian Society

For collaborating with a wide variety of other groups, including charities, universities, and other societies, and also establishing a network of collaboration with the country of Ukraine.

The Opportunities for All Award - Naabil Khan

For her impact on diversifying the medical curriculum, public involvement in medicine and ensuring that the conversation surrounding representation and diversity in medicine continues to be had and impactful results are witnessed.

The Community Award - Hindu Society

For collaboration with the local Hindu and non-Hindu community through events (e.g. Diwali), making Hindu students feel at home in Exeter.

The Event Award - Come As You Are Festival (LGBTQ+ Society, NDSS and Rethinking Society)

A collaborative and innovative new event, providing real belonging for members of our student community, and demonstrating a real commitment to facilitating a diverse and impactful student experience.

The Committee Excellence Award - Muay Thai Society and Martha Royce

For going above and beyond in providing an inclusive and friendly community, particularly for female members trying to participate in a male-dominated sport.

The Wellbeing Award - Body Society

For promoting an accessible and inclusive service that has remained very cheap for students amongst the cost-of-living crisis, and hosting ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ initiatives with drop-ins and online resources to support students.

The Sustainability Award - Be The Change

For their ‘Microplastics – Let’s End the Cycle!’ campaign, and their ‘Sustainable Sundays’ events, promoting inclusive and accessible sustainability.

Special Recognition Award (Group) - South Asian Society

Our winner for the special recognition award for a student group is a society which has managed to make an extremely impressive impact in the short period since it has been registered. They have run an incredible range of events, including cooking workshops, film nights, food festivals and games nights, and have created space for a diverse community of students that has not existed in the same way until now. We received large numbers of nominations for this group in multiple categories, so we wanted to recognise the difference they have made this year.

Special Recognition Award (Individual) - Hallow Foster

Our winner for the Special Recognition Award for an individual student has gone above and beyond to champion diversity, equality and inclusion in an innovative way. They have set up a unique funding opportunity for a specific group of students who often face significant challenges in living as their most authentic selves, and made a real, tangible difference of those people.

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