Department Officer By-Election Results

December 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce the results of the Department Officer By-Elections. Your newly elected officers will be joining the existing team of Officers who were elected in May. The full Department Officer team is as follows:

Arab and Islamic Studies Officers
  • Ed Savage
  • Remaining Positions Vacant
Archaeology and History Officers
  • Elodie Magg
  • Daphne Riffi-Aslett
Biosciences Officers
  • Ieuan Davies
  • Remaining Positions Vacant
Classics and Theology Officers
  • Lucy James
  • Remaining Positions Vacant
Clinical and Biomedical Sciences Officers
  • Claudia Bredemeyer
  • Toni Carver
Communications, Drama and Film Officers
  • Ruby Bridges
  • Lily Pusey
  • Harriet Brock
  • Ally Bradley
Computer Science Officers
  • Can Orman
  • Remaining Positions Vacant
Economics Officers
  • Matty Lee
  • Thando Mafa
  • Arhant Khullar
  • Anjali Kumari
Education and Teaching PGT Officers
  • All Positions Vacant
Engineering Officers
  • Mikhail Skudin
  • Jayant Gaiwal
English and Liberal Arts Officers
  • Mahnoor Imam
  • Maia Beswarick
Finance and Accounting Officers
  • Kaming (Alan) Au
  • Aditya Agrawal
Geography Officers
  • Sophia Bradshaw
  • Remaining Positions Vacant
Health and Community Sciences Officers
  • All Positions Vacant
INTO Officers
  • Fanar Al-Derzi Al-Derzi
  • Ashwin Thirupathi
Languages, Cultures and Visual Studies Officers
  • Michael Wong
  • Matt Button
Law Officers
  • Edward Barradell
  • Misturah Sonaike
  • Taranne Kendon
Management Officers
  • Pooja Vijay
  • Aditi Sampathkumar
Mathematics and Statistics Officers
  • Angel Lu
  • Henry Binks
Medical Imaging and Nursing Officers
  • Phoebe Hake
  • Remaining Positions Vacant
Physics and Natural Sciences Officers
  • Burhan Anis
  • Tiga Davis
Psychology Officers
  • Shambhavi Shivam
  • Leah John
  • Katie Potts
  • Amelia Davis
Public Health and Sport Sciences Officers
  • All Positions Vacant
Social and Political Sciences Officers
  • Naomi Cryan
  • Basya Batubara
  • Rhys Wallis
  • Mathias La Pira
Combined Honours Officers
  • Paul Grimwade
  • Remaining Positions Vacant

If you’re interested in filling one of the vacant roles listed above, please get in touch with us directly at