Cost of Living

Students have always had to be wise with their money, but now more than ever, they maybe feeling even more squeezed with inflation and energy bills at all-time highs. Inevitably, there’s already a lot of anxiety about coming to University. As a recently graduated student, I understand the potential financial pressures associated with just coming to University, regardless of a Cost of Living crisis. As one of your student representatives, I want to let you know we are working on short and long term ways to let you love Exeter without having to spend a fortune. While the cost of living crisis is a result of government inaction, there’s loads of ways you can get involved locally and nationally in the campaign for students’ justice, because everyone deserves to have an equally amazing University experience.

- Emma de Saram, VP Liberation & Equality

Cost of Living

The Cost of Living is a key priority for us and your Officers this academic year and beyond. We know that many students already face financial challenges, which will be exacerbated by the Cost of Living crisis. We are working closely with our Officer team and the University on initiatives that will be put in place throughout the year to help support our student communities. We are currently putting together key resources, working with the University to make campus affordable for all and listening to your concerns to ensure that our initiatives are in line with the support you need.


How can we support you?

We understand that budgeting and cost-cutting can only go so far, we want to make sure we are providing practical and useful support so that you are still able to get the most out of your time here at Exeter.

We want to ensure your voice is heard and that everything we do is aligned with students’ needs. If you have any suggestions of things we could be doing or ideas to help guide our ongoing conversations around this topic, please contact your Officers.

What are the University doing?

The University have formed strategic groups with key members of staff who have been meeting regularly to work on this issue. They have recently released their Cost of Living webpage which details the support that is on offer and tips for managing your money.

Success for All Fund- this fund was created to offer additional financial support for those experiencing unexpected financial hardship

Wellbeing Support-money worries can be extremely stressful and affect your wellbeing, the University Wellbeing Services can offer support and guidance.


What can you do?

NUS is currently running a campaign on the cost of living crisis, calling on the UK government to develop a tailored support package for students and for governments across the UK to raise the student maintenance package and apprentice minimum wage in line with the Living Wage. You can support their campaign here.

If you want to get involved with this campaign do reach out to one of your Officers who would welcome any suggestions and feedback. You can contact them here.

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