10 things all International Students should do whilst they're here in Exeter

Hey! I'm Remie, an international student from Thailand. I've written this blog to hopefully help you discover some typical British adventures that will make your time in Exeter truly unforgettable.

Exeter provides numerous British experiences for International Students to immerse themselves in, through a combination of culture, tradition and unique activities. Whether you’re here just for a semester or for a few years, I wanted to highlight all the hidden treasures this historic city has to provide. This blog will take you on a journey through the heart of the city, exploring iconic landmarks, enjoying traditional foods, and participating in local customs that have been cherished for generations.

1. Fish & Chips on the beach

Visiting Exmouth or Dawlish is a must-do activity! One of the great things about Exeter is that you're only a 30 minute train journey from great beaches. It goes without saying that the weather in the UK is unpredictable, but when the sun is shining, a trip to the beach is the best way to spend your day. There are lots of places close to the seafront where you can purchase the most typical seaside treats: Fish & Chips, and Ice Cream. Other than enjoying the sand and sea, you can also find crazy golf and arcades nearby.

2. Sunday Roast

It can be argued that a Sunday Roast might just be at the very heart of British culture. There is no better way to spend a relaxing Sunday than gathering your friends at a local pub for a hearty meal. Or why not try cooking a Roast Dinner yourself - from roasted meat and veggies to crispy Yorkshire puddings and gravy, you can create your own spin on this British classic.

3. Picnic by the Cathedral

80% of Exeter students probably have a camera roll full of Cathedral shots with blue skies in the background. An icon to this city, the Cathedral has awe-inspiring architecture, years of history and a serene atmosphere that will have you yearning to visit it again. There is nothing more peaceful than laying on the grass in the sunshine whilst reading a book and enjoying some snacks.

4. Attend a Football or Rugby match

Sports is a big deal at the university for so many students, and there are some great chances to see professional teams play locally too. Take a trip to Sandy Park to watch rugby team Exeter Chiefs play in the Premiership. The University's own rugby team often play their varsity matches here too! Or if Football is more your thing, head over to St James Park to watch Exeter City FC who play in EPL League One. Whichever sport you choose to watch, be sure to join in with the cheers and the chants of the sea of passionate fans, and make some lasting memories.

5. Bottomless brunch

This popular weekend tradition combines the British love for brunch with a relaxed and social atmosphere. A perfect way to socialise, unwind and spend quality time with your friends - you'll be looking forward to it all week. If you're looking for somewhere to try, check out: Turtle Bay, Underground Exeter, Brody’s Breakfast Bistro and Bill’s.

6. Visit a Farm Shop

Local farm shops offer a glimpse into the heart of the countryside and is a great chance to purchase some locally sourced produce. From fresh vegetables and artisanal cheeses, to homemade jams and delicious baked goods - farm shops showcase the finest British food craftsmanship. Darts Farm, Greendale, Barton Place and Powderham are some of the must visit farm shops near Exeter.

7. Cook classic British meals with your friends

Hearty dishes like Shepherd’s Pie, Toad-in-the-hole and a Full English breakfast can be a great way to experience British culinary traditions. You can make a whole activity out of it and invite friends round to do a potluck of classic British foods. A perfect way to practice your cooking skills and try new recipes.

8. Traditional Afternoon Tea

This is a beloved ritual, complete with fragrant teas, dainty finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and an array of delicate pastries. It offers a taste of British elegance and hospitality. It's also a great way for you to explore the large variety of hidden local cafes and shops in Exeter.

9. Pub quizzes

These lively and competitive gatherings often take place in cosy Exeter pubs, and they offer a unique blend of knowledge, camaraderie, and good cheer. Pub quizzes can encompass a wide range of topics, from history to pop culture, and provides students with the opportunity to test their wits and gain insights into British humour, trivia, and social bonding. I recommend asking different pubs if they host quiz nights and checking on FIXR for tickets to different society quiz nights.

10. Join Societies

Joining a society not only offers a fantastic chance to pursue your passions and hobbies, but also serves as a gateway to make friends, network, and integrate into the vibrant Exeter community. There are over 300 student-led societies and groups on offer to help you LOVE Exeter.

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