Go Green Week


“Used correctly, a budget doesn’t restrict you; it empowers you.” - Tere Stouffer

Your Obligations

It is so important to make sure that you are aware of your obligations! There may be a number of bills or services that you MUST pay. Things like: 

  • Rent  
  • Utility bills  
  • Financial contracts (phones, credit repayments, or anything to have a contracts for)  

Make sure you pay any obligations before you spend your money on any other needs or wants. Not paying your obligations can become more expensive in the long run and you may end up in more financial difficulty. 

British cash.

Useful tools and templates

Budgeting can be easy and very helpful if you have the right tools and templates to get you started.  

Here are the downloadable documents that you can use for yourself.  

Everyone finds different tools and templates useful. So, if the first tool does not work for you then try a different one.  

Downloadable resources (Word documents):

Houses on a British street.

Online Resources*

Online resources:  

This list is non-exhaustive, you can also find tips on Student Beans and Money Saving Expert.

*These are for your own reference and to inform your decision. The Guild is impartial and cannot recommend specific tools. 

Why Budget?

With the rising cost of living in the UK, everyone is feeling the impact in their day to day lives. Now it is more important than ever to have a budget in place. 

Having a budget is useful in so many ways, including:  

  •  Giving you control over your finances 
  • Helping to you clearly see your income and how much you are spending 
  • Giving you confidence to manage your finances  
  • Removing the fear of how to manage your money, hopefully having a positive impact on your wellbeing 

 Why you should budget: 

  •  Helps to keep you out of debt, or can help to plan to get out of debt if you are overspending  
  • Gives you enough money for the things you need, and the things you would like 

It is never too late to start budgeting and take control of your finances. By doing so, it will remove the pressure and worry that money can bring and enable you to make the most of your time at university.

Ways to help save money 

There are many ways to help make your money go further. You may need to do some research or shopping around and test different ways to see what fits your lifestyle the best.  

There are different aspects that you can look into to help save some pounds. Some examples include how you bank, how you spend your money when going out, or how you plan your meals and where you do your food shop.  

The way you bank can be a good way to help save some money and many student accounts have additional perks. For example, some give rewards like railcards, or they have cash back schemes. Some banks also run top up schemes, this means that a £2.30 coffee would be rounded up to a figure of your choice and the top up is instantly moved into a savings account.  

Here are lots of helpful Save the Student articles to help with your spending: 

You can also access support from the following: 

Tips From Other Students

“The budgeting workshop was so helpful; it was good to share ideas with other students and hear how they save and spend their money”
-1st Year Economics Student 

“My top tip for other students is do not do your food shop without a meal plan and shopping list.”
- 2nd year Film Student

“In my first year I never made a budget and I really struggled with my money. But in second year I created a budget, and I was able to save and enjoy my social life”
- 2nd year Law studies Student

“I have found that online food shops help me stick to buying the essentials. It also means I can order from supermarkets that I cannot get too.”
- 3rd year Drama Student

“I went to a Budgeting Workshop; they were so helpful and gave me the basic information I need to start my own budget. Knowing I can book for a 1:1 session after is very helpful. Here is so much support available once you know where to look.”
- 3rd year Geography Student