Exeter Students' Guild logo
Two hands in the shape of a heart on a green background

01. Introduction

We’re here to help all students love Exeter, and this guide will show you just how to do that by making sure our brand identity and tone of voice is consistent across all communications to students.

This guide will give every staff member everything needed to create branded resources which look, feel and sound like us. We’ve got guidance on logos, colours, typography, and photography along with ready-to-use templates, backgrounds and assets. We’ve got you covered!

Our purpose: We are here to help you Love Exeter.

Our values: We are empowering, radically inclusive and collaborative.

Our ambition: We want to be more fun, community-focused and innovative.

02. How We Talk To Our Students (our Tone of Voice)

Words matter. What we say and how we say it is as vital to our brand as our visual identity.

Our tone of voice is what we say and how we say it (or what we write and how we write it). It is influenced by our purpose, values, ambition and personality.

Whenever we talk to our audience and whatever channels we use, our tone of voice should shine through in an honest and authentic way.

We’ve created a guide to help you write functional, powerful and expressive messages that will connect with students in more meaningful ways.

The guide will give you guidance and inspiration to create a strong verbal identity that our audience knows and trusts. You can use it to inspire and motivate you to create winning copy. We’ve got some key messages to get you started too!

Tone of Voice GuideCheat Sheet & Quick Writing Tips

Our brand personality: We are playful, friendly, inspiring, informative, bold and honest.

Our tone of voice: We are empowering, active, passionate, transparent, honest, fun, friendly, supportive and present.

04. Logo Usage

We’ve got lots of templates for you, but if you’re using the logo for another project, here are some tips for you:

Logo clear space + minimum size

To maintain the integrity and visibility of the logo, avoid crowding it with type, imagery, or graphic elements. The minimum clear space surrounding the logo must be proportional to the height of the ‘G’. When using the logo with other logos (e.g. University logo) always give it this much clear space (or more).

Logo placement

The preferred placement for the logo is in the corner or the bottom centre top of a layout. Notice the extra clear space around the logo in the example, which avoids crowding the edge of the layout.  

Things to avoid (pretty please!)

  • Don’t stretch, distort or manipulate the logo
  • Don’t add effects like drop shadows or gradients
  • Don't change the logo colour
  • Don't use the logo if it appears pixelated
A diagram showing the recommended distance from screen edge to show the Exeter Students' Guild logoHow not to display the Exeter Students' Guild logo

Primary Colours

TBC Orange

HEX WEB #F26128
Pantone: Orange 021 C
RGB: 242, 97, 39
CMYK: 0, 77, 96, 0

TBC Navy Blue

HEX WEB #2C2240
Pantone: 281 C
RGB: 44, 34, 64
CMYK: 84, 86, 44, 50

TBC Lime Green

Pantone: 380 C
RGB: 192, 216, 66
CMYK: 29, 0, 92, 0

Complementary Colours

TBC Baby Blue

RGB: 125, 207, 214
CMYK: 48, 0, 17, 0

TBC Baby Pink

RGB: 240, 204, 225
CMYK: 3, 23, 0, 0

05. Colours

Our colours are designed to reflect our fun, energetic and youthful personality, and to set us apart from the University.

Our logo exists in multiple colour variations to offer more flexibility and fun in our communications, but still keeping our core brand identity.

Here you can find our primary and complementary colours, including the codes you need for them.

06. Typography

Our typefaces are: Made Tommy Soft (ExtraBold), Rubik

Made Tommy Soft Extra Bold
Primary typeface: for headlines, subheads

Made Tommy Soft Regular

for body copy, and captions.


Secondary typeface: for body copy

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